The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost Review

When I saw this Vitamin C Skin Boost in The Body Shop I was initially confused as to what it was. Is it a moisturiser? A primer?

The answer is: a primer. Not that The Body Shop ever actually clarifies that. The name – Vitamin C Skin Boost – doesn’t give anything away. Neither did the description online.

The Body Shop describes this as a radiance-booster to use after moisturising to effectively help to combat dull, tired complexions. They say it can be used alone or with a moisturiser. Never does it say primer and I don’t know why.

I will say that this is most definitely a primer and nothing more. There were minimal to no hydrating effects from this Vitamin C Skin Booster. Its main ingredients are silicones and similar smoothing products.

It could be used alone without any makeup over it however it definitely can’t be used as a moisturiser.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost
Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost
Close up of my skin after applying The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

The Formula

As for its smoothing abilities I was actually pretty disappointed. For the amount of silicone ingredients it didn’t really make any significant changes to my texture or enlarged pores.

My skin felt smooth to the touch after applying this. In saying that, I have definitely used cheaper smoothing primers that have blurred my skin much more than this.

While wearing this Vitamin C Skin Booster I could still easily see my pores and any other skin texture. It might have left a smooth base overall however it didn’t fill in my pores after I applied a full pump to my face.

As for its radiance boosting properties I also didn’t notice anything amazing. I could see small shifts of mica in the formula when I pumped it onto my hand however once spread out over my face, those small shimmers got lost and didn’t show up.

If anything the only immediate difference I could see was a slight mattifying effect as the silicones smoothed out over my shiny sunscreen. This is amusing to me as it goes against the radiance boosting title however it’s really the only change I noticed. That matte effect wouldn’t last throughout the day though. My natural oiliness would still come through and cause me to look shiny.

The Review

As for how this went as a primer, it did work well as a barrier between my makeup and my sunscreen. Sunscreens can often cause issues with my base makeup and this primer allowed my foundation to smooth out over my sunscreen without any issues. It also stopped my sunscreen from effecting my foundation throughout the day as well.

Overall, as a primer this did cause my foundation and makeup to wear well throughout the day and apply smoothly over my sunscreen. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to its supposed smoothing and radiance boosting properties. For how much this costs I’ve used much cheaper silicone primers that provided a much greater smoothing effect.

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