Blistex Lip Conditioner Pot SPF15

Blistex is a classic brand that I’ve grown up seeing in every beauty aisle in Australia but for some reason I’d never tried a product of theirs until this Blistex Lip Conditioner Pot.

As we are moving into cooler months in Australia my lips have become drier than normal and prone to chapping if they’re not getting enough hydration throughout the day. I had bought some other balms at much higher price points hoping to use them to heal my lips however I had been disappointed by how little they helped. Eventually I rediscovered Blistex and their products and purchased a pot of their lip conditioner as a last resort for some healing help.

This Lip Conditioner is a healing balm with some added SPF that comes in a pot for application with 7g product. It’s ingredients include Collagen, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E which are supposed to help re-hydrate dry lips and relieve chapped lips.

Blistex Lip Conditioner Pot

I don’t normally like balms in a pot, it’s a little messy for application however if it means the formula can be thicker and more healing then I don’t mind in that case. The way I apply this balm is of a night time as a treatment so it only ever sits by my bed, I don’t need to worry about applying it on the go.

As for how this wears, it is a thicker formula but it’s not sticky, just a thick balm that melts into the lips. Something that I wasn’t expecting was the strong menthol scent that accompanies this balm, it reminds me of the cold and flu rubs however I didn’t mind it in the end. There is also a slight sweet flavour to this balm but nothing that hangs around or annoys me.

I apply a generous layer of this before bed each night and have found that it’s been good for healing any light chapping or cracking in my lips as well as soothing and softening them for the next day. I don’t think this would be strong enough for any serious cracked lips or rough patches however it’s perfect for light healing and smoothing which is what I need during the dry Winter months.

Overall I really like this balm as a reliable lip treatment to apply overnight. Compared to other more expensive formulas I’ve tried it’s performance has been on par if not better than so I think it’s going to become a staple in my night time routine.

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