BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Cream Contour Palette

I’d been wanting to get into cream products for a little while when I bought this BH Cosmetics Cream Contour Palette however even then it took a little longer for me to crack this open and test out the shades.

When I finally did open this palette and start swatching the concealers and contours I was shocked at the difference in quality between the two.

I would have assumed that the cream pans would all be of a similar formula with a variance in shades however for some reason the top concealer row performed terribly compared to the bottom contour pans.

The concealers were streaky and oily upon application. There was barely any coverage and I struggled to build up multiple layers as the formula would cake up and look horrible. They also wore terribly, the formula would break apart and become slick and shiny after barely an hour so the concealer shades were completely unwearable for me.

All of that is so surprising to me as the contour shades perform perfectly. The cream contour shades are decently pigmented without being too much however they blend out like a dream. They also layer well and settle down to a lovely skin like finish. The colours are also very flattering on my skin. As I have such pale skin I can easily become overpowered by too dark contours or too orange colours and these have the perfect blend of cool without turning grey.

In the end, I decided to depot the four contour shades as I love that formula and I’ll be decluttering the remainder of this BH Cosmetics Contour Palette as the concealer shades are unwearable.

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