BH Cosmetics Glamourous Blush Palette

These huge blush palettes from BH Cosmetics looked like a fantastic way to give me variety of blushes in different shades and finishes.

I’d been wanting to expand my blush collection when I first saw this palette. Actually, at the time BH Cosmetics had three differently themed blush palettes but this is the one that stood out to me.

In the palette comes ten different blush shades in a range of finishes from matte to a soft shimmer that total to 24g of product.

I was drawn to this palette in particular because it housed some shades that I already knew I liked to wear while also having some options that I liked the idea of but had never been brave enough to try before.

At the time of writing this review I have used every shade in this palette at least once but most of them I have used multiple times.

As a whole each shade is well pigmented. I can’t be too heavy handed with my brush otherwise I’ll apply too much so I like to gently dip a brush into the large pans and slowly build up the colour on my cheeks. I’ve never had an issue with blending these blushes out, they all apply smoothly and without any patchiness.

The range of finishes are all very nice on the skin, through the mattes to the soft shimmers, they all look very natural once applied. The blush pigmentation also wears well throughout the day. It will have faded after a full eight hours however not to the point of disappearing, just the natural fading of makeup throughout a day of wear.

The one thing I have noticed in only one shade out of the ten is that there will be a bit of fallout in the pan. However, like I said, it’s only in one shade so it doesn’t bother me in the end.

Overall I love this BH Cosmetics Glamourous Blush Palette. It’s got a nice option of colours and finishes that are all pigmented and long wearing.

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