BH cosmetics Flawless Brow Gels

These brow gels were suggested to me by BH Cosmetics when I was shopping up a storm during one of their many site wide sales. I initially picked up the shade Dark Brown to give my brows some boldness and definition on my face and I ended up liking the formula enough that I bought the shade Blonde as well.

I can’t remember what I paid for these but I just looked them up and their full price is AUD$11.00, so even full price they’re what I consider affordable.

As I said above, I really liked both of these gels when I first bought them however what I soon discovered is that the formula didn’t age very well.

The good things about these brow gels are the pigmentation. Both the brown and blonde shades are pigmented and will definitely alter the colour of my brows. The Blonde shade does have slight gold flecks in the formula which I wasn’t expecting and wouldn’t have chosen myself however they’re not particularly noticeable once the gel has been applied so that’s okay in the end.

Unfortunately once we hit Summer here in Australia I discovered the main issue with these brow gels which is that the formula will run. On one particularly hot day I accidentally smeared brown brow gel down my temple after wiping my forehead and I had to quickly run to the bathroom and try and salvage my brows.

The gel hold on these is also not the best although it’s not too bad. My brows might move a little however in general they’ll stay in place with this formula.

Overall I didn’t mind these gels for the price I paid however I wont be buying them again as I need my makeup to last me through a hot day and I can’t say that these will.

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