BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

I didn’t realise this was a limited edition product, I was wearing this all week with the intention of writing up a review for people who were interested to only realise now that it is no longer available on the BH cosmetics website. However I was able to find them being sold on Amazon and other retailers so there might be some left floating around online if you’re still looking to buy one. I am still going to put up this review for anyone who already owns this and is looking for a little inspiration.

I will say that I had never heard of Carli Bybel before seeing this palette, she was not one of the Youtubers I watched so the main things that pulled me towards this palette was the introductory reduced price and the combination of eyeshadow and highlighter in one.

I knew from the beginning that not all of the highlighter shades would work for me but I was hoping I could use maybe four of the six, and while I owned other warm toned neutral palettes, the few interesting pops of colour in this one made it stand out from other options available at the time.

This is a great palette; the eyeshadows are pigmented, they blend well and wear for around seven hours before they start to fade at all.

The highlighters are the same quality, smooth and not full of chunky glitter, they don’t emphasise my pores and will still be looking great after eight hours on me. Unfortunely I can only wear two shades, I underestimated how pale my skin is which is a shame but the highlighters also function perfectly as eyeshadows so they won’t go unused.

If you can manage to find one of these still floating around online, I would definitely recommend this palette.

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