BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlight Palette

This was the first colourful highlighter palette that I bought and it was the beginning of a long love affair with the colourful shimmers.

This highlighter palette from BH Cosmetics contains a range of six colourful highlighters in huge pans that total 43g of product. Compared to my other coloured highlighter palette from Revolution Beauty this palette contains more than double the amount of highlighter for a similar price however only six shades compared to the eight in the Revolution Ultra Cool Glow palette.

Each of the shades in this palette are very pigmented and smooth to apply however I do notice that they all seem to have that blinding white metallic shine in direct light that can cause their colourful undertones to loose their impact as they are taken over by the white reflect.

I was disappointed when I first used the palette to see that the shades Electra and Strobe, while looking very different in their pans, are near indistinguishable when on my skin. With the highlighters containing so much product in each pan it’s a waste of a shade to basically double up with another one.

These highlight shades apply well over bare skin or a makeup base, they are all very pigmented and without any glitter particles which I prefer. Once applied they will last well throughout the day with a little fading after eight hours however I’ll still be glowing come evening.

Overall I enjoy this BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlighter Palette however they could swap out either Electra or Strobe with a new colour.

However when I compare this BH Cosmetics palette to my Revolution Beauty Ultra Cool Glow palette I prefer the latter as it has a greater range of coloured highlighters for around the same price.

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