Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer

Benefit The POREfessional Primer

I’d heard about this Benefit The POREfessional Primer for what felt like forever but had never been particularly driven to buy it. Judging from the name I had assumed it’s main purpose was to blur the skin and while I do have some enlarged pores it’s not my main skin concern.

As it turned out, I ended up receiving this as a free sample with a purchase so I didn’t have to buy it at all. Granted the sample was a small size of course however there was enough in the tube for me to get about five days out of it which I was quite happy about.

During my days with this primer I tried it with a different foundation/concealer each day and various setting sprays, powders etc. What I found by the end was that this primer essentially just laid down a smooth base for makeup to go over the top of. I wouldn’t say that I noticed it concealing my pores or improving my skin texture, I do think I saw a slight improvement in reducing my shiny skin but that was about it.

It had a similar effect to silicone primers however to me it didn’t feel as artificial as some others I’ve experienced. In terms of how it worked with various makeup types, I would say it played nicely with most of the products I paired it with. Most of the foundations would blend out nicely however there were a couple of times where it would be a little patchy and not quite as smooth as I would like to see.

My Experience

Overall I would say that it was a nice enough primer however in terms of it minimising pores and skin texture I didn’t see that, only a slight bit of oil control. It did put down a smooth base for foundations and concealer to work on top of however there were a couple of times when they would blend out a little patchy.

In the end it’s not a bad primer but it’s just not good enough that I’d spend my money on what I consider an expensive product. The main thing this primer did was smooth my skin, however in terms of oil control and pore minimising I could only see some light improvement in both categories.

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