Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain

This blush came in the Benefit Cosmetics Snow Doll Set that I bought as a way to test a few different Benefit Cosmetics in smaller sizes.

So this blush is a smaller version of its original, full size however with how the stain formula works this smaller version is still going to last me a long time.

This stain is incredibly natural and blends right into my skin so that it looks like I’m naturally healthy and flushed.

I apply this by dotting a small amount onto my cheeks and then patting it in with my finger tips. I will have to move quickly as this sets down fairly fast so I can’t take too long otherwise it will set in one spot.

Obviously being a liquid stain I can’t apply this over powder as the two don’t mix however over cream products or bare skin this looks beautiful.

Once applied this blush will wear for 8+ hours on me which is great through the heat and it’s so natural that no one knows I’m wearing a blush at all. I’ve been using this every day for the past month and I still think it’s great.

I don’t wear it often as a lip stain though it is pretty when I do. Mainly, this has been effective as a blush during the Summer months in Australia when I don’t like to wear too many powder layers on my face. Alternatively as we are coming closer to Winter this colour gives me a rosy flush that looks like my skin is a little bitten by the cold so it’s really a great product for any time of the year.

Overall I love this little stain. It suits my style of makeup which leans more natural. Once applied this looks like a perfect flush of colour and due to it’s liquid stain formula it sits like skin and will last all day.

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