Beauty People Fix Pearl Pigment Pact

This is a quick little review and demo of a product I bought on Yesstyle. I’m always on the lookout for high reflect fine glitter shadows and the photos of this on the website looked exactly like that.

So I bought the first shade Ssum Light (No.01) for AUD$12.02, it was described as “soft and shiny with a flirty, skin-tone pearly base colour” and it sounded great to me.

Left to right: dry brush, dry finger, brush over glitter glue

Firstly I will say this, you will probably never finish this product because you only need the tiniest amount. I have used it about four times now and have only just finished using the product that was stuck to the lid.

Secondly it is as glittery and reflective as I had hoped, unfortunately it also has a lot of fall out, which the website specifically advertised it as not having.

Thirdly the colour was much more gold toned than the picture and description expressed. I hope it shows in my photos and swatches because I would definitely lean more towards gold than pearl. Unfortunately this is often the case with buying products online, the colour is rarely the same as your screen shows it.

To the review! After four uses I have decided that even though the colour is different I don’t mind it in the end, however I still won’t continue to use this shadow. For one thing the fall out is a lot, even if I applied the glitter before foundation I would end up with glitter on my face throughout the day.

Another reason is purely personal taste but due to my hooded eyelids hiding nearly all of my lid space when I have my eyes open, I didn’t really like the effect of basically a stripe of glitter on the portion of lid you can see. I think the photos on the website were more appealing to me because you can see this transition of glitter over the models lids, as she has more visible lid space than I do. I could use it as a pop of colour in a halo eye for example but I have other shades close enough to this with no fall out at all, so I will be giving this one to family or friends to see if they like it more than me.

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