Beauty Bay SkinHit Correcting Serum Review

I suffer from frequent breakouts and hormonal acne and I’m constantly looking for ways to reduce that. My skincare routine is one of those ways.

This Beauty Bay SkinHit Correcting Serum is an exfoliating serum designed to target congestion and texture issues. I actually found out about it through reading an article where this was the solution to the authors hormonal acne.

So I bought this reasonably priced bottle hoping it would be a cheaper alternative to my beloved Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. While the Lotion P50 is a much stronger chemical exfoliant I don’t like to use it everyday for that very reason. In between the stronger P50 I wanted this SkinHit Correcting Serum to keep my skin in the exfolating cycle.

Beauty Bay SkinHit Correcting Serum

The Review

The formula of this is a clear gel that I only need a few drops to pat over my face. Beauty Bay recommend to use it at night or add a few drops into your moisturiser. As with all chemical exfoliants you need to use an SPF in combination with them which I wear daily anyway.

I’ve been using this serum for months now and am actually nearing the end of my bottle. Unfortunately I think my skin is used to the Lotion P50 strength so this doesn’t have much of an effect.

I can’t say I noticed any reduction in texture or acne. I think that for someone who was just looking to start using exfoliating serums then this would be a great (and affordable) option to test the waters but I’ll stick to my Lotion P50.

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