bareMinerals Matte Liquid Lip colour BO$$

In the years since the liquid lipstick really came into fashion, I have since decided that they’re not for me. I’m a gloss girl now and always. So knowing that I hate liquid lipsticks and their dry, matte formulas it’s pretty impressive for bareMinerals that I like this Matte Liquid Lip colour BOSS.

In fact, it’s one of the very few liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried that I actually kept to wear.

I’ve owned this lipstick for many months now and this definitely wouldn’t have been the shade that I chose in Sephora but that’s why there are professionals in store to show you the way. The very nice lady caught me testing a much lighter, much more brown toned colour and very gently showed me how this one would be much more suited to my skin and undertones. And wow was I impressed, because she was definitely correct.

This is also the most expensive liquid lipstick I’ve bought so I’m glad it’s one that I like.

bareMinerals Matte Liquid Lip colour BOSS

The tube is a frosted glass with a doe foot applicator that feels very luxurious to use. The applicator is flat and soft and I always get a smooth, easy and precise application from it without having to dip back in again and again.

The formula is super pigmented and creamy, it dries down to a semi-matte/satin finish that is comfortable to wear on the lips and doesn’t settle in any lines or cracks. It also doesn’t bleed or feather which is something I’ve struggled with in the past.

bareMinerals do also claim that it wont smudge or transfer whereas I would lean more towards it being smudge and transfer resistant. It wont mark someone’s cheek if you kiss them but it also doesn’t last throughout meals so it’s an in between sort of long wearing formula.

As I mentioned above, this is a long wearing liquid lip as long as you don’t eat any big meals. So this will last me many hours general wear etc however if I ate a bowl of ramen this lipstick would need to be reapplied at the end of it. This isn’t a big issue for me because really, if a lipstick lasts throughout a meal it’s usually one of those super drying, settles in your lip lines formula of liquid lip which I hate so I’m willing to compromise on this.

So the formula is a win for me. I mentioned above that I had help choosing my shade but you don’t have to worry too much.

The line features a range of 10 nudes from pale to deep and with varying undertones. I think there would be something for everyone.

Aside from that there’s not really much else to discuss with this liquid lip.

The formula is comfortable and long wearing although it wont last through a proper meal, the finish is a semi-matte/satin that doesn’t settle in any creases and the formula wont bleed or feather.

It’s the only liquid lip that I’ve tried and kept on wearing, and as someone who wears little else but gloss it says a lot for how comfortable this bareMinerals liquid lip is.

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