bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow

This is a product I bought after watching one Wayne Goss video in which he raved about it so much that by the end of it I thought this must be the best cream eyeshadow to ever exist. I also bought this at a time when I was pretty new to makeup and didn’t know any better, because I have never and will never have a use for a soft linen coloured cream eyeshadow. I was sucked in with it’s product claims of creamy, long-wearing colour meets exceptional skincare benefits and Broad Spectrum SPF protection.

To be fair a 12-hour long wearing eyeshadow with powerful brightening effects that smooths the appearance of fine lines sounds like an amazing deal even now, however why I chose the colour that was the exact same shade as my skin I cannot imagine. As it is, the colour doesn’t matter anymore because this is not a 12-hour long-wearing cream eyeshadow at all, this is a barely lasts 3-hours without creasing cream eyeshadow. So no matter what colour I bought, I still wouldn’t be wearing it today.

To start with, this cream eyeshadow was advertised as being able to be worn alone or used as a base for other eyeshadows to apply on top of. It comes in a solid plastic, frosted tube with a doe foot applicator to apply it. The actual cream eyeshadow is a very thick formula that dries down very fast. The best way I was able to apply with was to quickly and roughly cover my lid using the doe foot applicator and then use a foundation brush to blend it out. I would have to complete the whole process in under 30 seconds otherwise the formula would have set down and then it’s impossible to move or blend any further. So obviously this was the first strike against this cream eyeshadow.

The second strike came with the performance not exactly matching the description. The brightening effect I found from this was from tiny micro glitters in the cream, which would have been brightening had they not been hidden under the matte dry down of the cream formula. For some reason I only discovered these micro glitters when I was scrubbing at my eyelids to remove the primer after it had set patchy and too fast one day. I would say the effect was like those glitter liquid lips that were popular a little while ago. Once this cream eyeshadow had dried down, I would rub my finger on top and only then would the little micro glitters be revealed. However as I was not going to try and rub off the eyeshadow I had just laid down, the brightening effects of this product were non-existent.

And lastly, the final nail in the coffin. This super long wearing, fine line reducing cream eyeshadow is one of the worst cream products I’ve used on my eyes in terms of creasing. I thought because this dried down so fast and so matte that it would last the whole day on my oily, hooded eyelids. So I was heartbroken when I saw only a couple of hours later that already the eyeshadow had creased enough that I could see the lines that had settled from a long distance. After that there’s really nothing left going for this product.

I had also heard online people recommending this cream eyeshadow to use as an eyelid primer for other shadows to go on top of. So I tried that as a last resort to give this product a use. I don’t know why I thought that it would perform better with more layers because it definitely didn’t, it just made the creasing even more noticeable and ruined a couple of nice eyeshadow looks.

The Review

So to recap, this supposedly long wearing, skincare benefiting cream eyeshadow is not long wearing or benefiting in any way. It creases on my eyelids after a couple of hours and will keep creasing until I remove it. It’s a poor base for other eyeshadows because it sets down so matte that nothing really sticks to it on top and speaking of setting down, it dries incredibly fast so you only have about 30 seconds from initial application to you won’t be able to budge this. All in all, this is so difficult to use and poorly performing that I am not going to waste any more eyeshadow looks on it. I will be throwing this away and not looking back.

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