Bar None Hydrating Hair Shampoo

I am trying to become a more conscious consumer and part of that is thinking about the amount of waste I create through my purchases. Bar None is a brand that is also considering their waste and so have produced this shampoo in an entirely reusable container. It was for that reason alone that I purchased this Bar None Hydrating Hair Shampoo as they were the only option on the shelf that even seemed to be considering the environment.

Aside from the bottle being infinitely recyclable I actually love the look of this shampoo anyway. The aluminum packaging is very modern and the soft pink is super cute on my shelf. The only downside I found to the packaging was that the screw lid could be a little tricky to open in the shower when your fingers are slippery.

As for the formula it was a good, thick liquid that I could control easily when I poured it out. It would also quickly work into a lather however it wasn’t irritating to my eyes (not that it ever went directly in my eyes).

Throughout the day my hair would be clean and soft which is all I want from a shampoo. I never experienced any skin irritation or any negative reaction to the formula.

Overall I liked this shampoo, the large bottle lasted me a very long time and I love the environmental focus of the brand. I’ve since seen Bar None stocking blocks of shampoo and conditioner in solid forms which is also intriguing to me, I might try them in the future too.

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