April Empties Makeup & Skincare

Once again I spent a large chunk of this month indoors self isolating. And while initially I thought I wouldn’t go through as many products, I ended up spending a lot of time playing around with my makeup and so I was able to finish off quite a few things this month.


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Sample

I’m glad I received this as a sample because I’m looking at buying a new primer and this was on my list. It has a very lightweight feeling, almost slippery and a little goes a long way. I did notice a blurring effect as it’s supposed to do and it made my foundation apply nicely without any streaking or patches. However in the long run it didn’t hold up against my oily skin. Despite this being recommended for oily skin by so many people it couldn’t keep me matte for longer than a few hours. By the end of the day I was looking shiny and greasy and my pores were back to their normal definition.

I wouldn’t buy this.

Me Now Eye/Lip Liner Pencil

I bought a set of various shades a long time ago and managed to use this one up as a brow pencil. The formula was average with pretty poor staying power but it was creamy enough although it would crumble sometimes.

I wouldn’t buy this again.

Fyrinnae Tea & Candy Canes Loose Eye Shadow

Another amazing Fyrinnae shadow. The pigmentation was great as was the complexity of the shade itself. A red undertone with bronze glitters it was so vibrant and such a statement shadow. I used a primer underneath as always and it wore throughout the entire day without fading or creasing.

I would buy this again.

Fyrinnae Sloth Snuggles Loose Eye Shadow

This was the least shimmery/glittery Fyrinnae formula that I’ve tried. It was much more of a satin finish which meant it was super smooth to apply and blend out. It wore well throughout the day with minimal creasing or fading.

I would buy this again.

Lanolips 101 Ointment

I always keep a lip balm/treatment on hands as my lips tend to dry out very quickly. This month I really needed the added moisture and this 101 ointment provided it perfectly. This is definitely thicker than a gloss but it wears that way on my lips; clear and shiny but not too sticky which is good. It kept my lips hydrated which was the purpose I bought it for.

I would buy this again.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wipes

Before these wipes I would have thought that facial wipes were all generally the same, not much could go wrong. Well it turns out that a lot can go wrong and these face wipes have shown me how. Maybe I received an old packet but they dried out incredibly quickly once I’d taken one out to use. They were also terrible at removing even light layers of makeup, I’m talking about foundation and blush. When it came to mascara I’d have to scrub my eyes which would irritate my skin from the combination of scrubbing and the tea tree properties of the wipes which was irritating to my skin.

I would not buy these again.

Clean Apothecary Brush Shampoo Grapefruit

This is the only brush shampoo/cleaner that I’ve owned, it’s taken me years to get through. It’s a solid foaming cleaner that I would wet a little and press my brushes in to form a lather. Unfortunately depending on the denseness of the brush the lather would sometimes be poor or not form at all meaning it was a little tricky to clean certain brushes which is the whole purpose of soap. It would also sometimes not wash out properly and my brushes would be left with a soapy film when they dried. When this happened I would wash them again with shampoo and that would clean them better.

I would not buy this again.

Stila Kitten Eye Shadow Compact

For all the hype and cult status that the Stila Kitten name has gathered over the years, this was a basic champagne shimmer. Sorry not sorry. There was nothing about it that made me think it was worth the large price jump from many drugstore champagne shades that I own. It was pigmented and smooth but not the most metallic shimmer I own so it’s just a single champagne shade that’s been hanging around for years as I’ve been trying to finish this large pan.

I would not buy this again.

Red Earth Wide Eyes Full Lash Mascara

This was the mascara that showed me how much of a difference the wand shape can make to application. True to its name this mascara gave me length without too much volume, meaning I had long, fluttery eyelashes that made my eyes look very wide and I loved the effect. By the end of the tube the formula was starting to smudge quite badly so it was clearly time to go but I’ll miss the effect this mascara could give me.

It’s been discontinued.


Swisse Echinacea Clear Skin Moisturiser

I was really keen to see how this would work for me, it sounded like an all in one miracle cream for controlling my oily, breakout prone skin. The texture was unique, thin and slippy (almost slimy) feeling and took a little effort to work into the skin. I used this every morning and sometimes also at night and after many months of use I can’t say it changed my skin at all. I noticed no difference to my oil production and I might have actually had worse breakouts than normal. It was a good lightweight layer of hydration to add in the morning but I can get than from many other moisturisers.

I wouldn’t buy this again.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

Another cream that sounded perfect for controlling my oily, breakout prone skin and another disappointment. The main function of this cream is to minimise pores which I couldn’t see any noticeable difference from. Beyond that I also never noticed any reduction in oil production or breakouts. In addition to that, I was using this product in conjunction with another cream from the same Body Shop Tea Tree line and the two products together must have been too harsh as my skin would react badly and sting after a few weeks of using the two together which concerns me for how strong the formula is. My skin isn’t normally so sensitive to products.

I wouldn’t buy this again.

Edible Beauty Basking Beauty Natural Sunscreen SPF50

As far as natural sunscreens go this has been one of the better ones I’ve tried. It’s not the most mattifying but I could work it into my skin to a point where it wasn’t too shiny, however it would leave a slight white cast even on my pale skin. Due to it’s slightly greasy formula it never pilled like some other sunscreens I’ve tried but it could still effect my makeup by being a bit too tacky, causing some of my foundations and powders to blend out patchy. By the end I had the hang of how to wear this well however there was a learning curve to get there.

I might buy this again.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 PIGM 400

This is the second bottle of this that I have used up and I will say that it is a gentler formula when compared to the original Lotion P50. It still brightened and cleared my skin nicely, I could definitely tell a difference after I started using it, however I think that over time my skin has become too familiar with this formula and it is not having the same effect as it used to. I might try a different exfoliating formula for a while and then come back to this one and see if the short pause helped.

I would buy this again.


Joico Smooth Cure Leave-In Rescue Treatment

I was hoping this would help my dry scalp however I saw no real improvement after using this every morning for two months. It would leave my hair feeling soft however I can achieve that from a regular conditioner and skip the extra step.

I wouldn’t buy this again.

Soap & Glory Mini Hand Food Sugar Crush

I’m always on the look out for a good hand cream and these came in with the perfect small size and price tag to match. The formula is fantastic. It’s the perfect in-between; not too thin or too thick and it leaves my hands feeling hydrated but not sticky or slimy. There is quite a strong scent that will eventually fade but if that’s something you don’t like in hand creams then avoid this. I quite liked the scent, it was exactly like candy and sugar and with a formula that good I don’t really care how it smells.

I would buy this again.

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion

I think I’m going to write a full review on this formula as I’ve been using it for years. I love this body lotion, it’s perfect for me. I was mislead initially because I thought the name “cocoa glow” meant it was a self tanner but it’s just a body lotion, no tanning. The formula leans more to the thin side which I like as I feel it sinks in better than a body butter type lotion. But even with a thinner formula it makes my skin silky smooth and soft to touch and keeps my skin hydrated perfectly throughout the entire year.

I would buy this again.

JAMA Aluminium & Alcohol Free: Cool Spice Deodorant

I’m looking for my holy grail natural deodorant and unfortunately this isn’t it. This was definitely one of the better natural deodorants I’ve tried however it still wasn’t strong enough to keep me going throughout a full day, especially in Summer. Maybe if you worked in an air conditioned office it would be more effective but not for any heavy sweating.

I wouldn’t buy this again.

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