Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Eye Shadow Palette

I’d always had my eye on this palette.

Nowadays it seems every new release from mainstream brands (Huda, Urban Decay, Too Faced etc.) are just really boring to me. I’m not a neutral girl so one basic taupe palette will do me. I look for interesting new shades and formulas when I shop for eyeshadow so when I saw this palette released from ABH I was immediately interested. That pop of green and the lavender metallic, it looked like exactly my type of eyeshadow palette.

Unfortunately, Anastasia Beverly Hills is not an affordable brand for me, this palette retails in Australia for $75 so it’s something I had to save up for. And then something amazing happened; it went on sale for half price. I had it immediately, I was so excited and ready to play with all of the colours that I had it opened and swatched almost immediately after it arrived.

And it is a beautiful palette. The colours and their arrangement inspire me.

I was easily able to make multiple looks from it to show here and I’ve still got ideas for what I want to do with it. I had previously bought the Subculture palette from ABH, it was my first product from the brand actually, and I had enjoyed it however some of the mattes had been a little too much effort for me to blend. Prism has been to me, a much better match between pigmented shades and a blendable formula.

Some of the shimmers will have fallout as do many shadows I own so if I’m going for a heavy eye look I might start with that and do my base after.

The Review

Yes, this is a fun, inspiring and good quality eyeshadow palette. The arrangement and assortment of colours means that I’ll find myself paring shades I wouldn’t normally think of and loving the results. The shimmers and metallics are pigmented and their colours unique and while the mattes can be tricky to blend when I pack them on, if I build them up instead they look great.

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