Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser

This Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser is one of the most popular cleansers here in Australia and possibly internationally as well.

I’d heard about it online many times before I saw it in a store. All of those amazing reviews definitely prompted me to pick one up to try for myself.

The Formula

The Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser is a light liquid cleansing gel for normal, combination or oily/problematic skin. As I have oily skin I like to use products that are specifically formulated for my skin type. I was definitely interested to try this non foaming cleanser.

Personally I normally prefer foaming cleansers as I feel more secure that my skin has truly been cleansed. But with how popular this non-foaming formula is I was sure it must be good.

I was also happy to read about the soothing blend of Cucumber, Aloe Vera, and Thyme in the ingredients. Cleansers can also be too stripping on the skin so the soothing inclusion was good to see.

My Experience

When I actually started to use this cleanser I was very disappointed. While it seemed to do an okay job of cleaning my face I didn’t notice any improvement in my oily skin or acne. In fact the only change I noticed from this cleanser was that it was very irritating to my skin.

This Triple Action Cleanser caused a reaction on my skin that made it sting and burn during and for a little while after using this. It also made my skin more sensitive to my other skincare products that I hadn’t been having issues with before.

I read through their ingredients and nothing stood out as unusual or new to my skincare routine so I can’t figure out why I had this reaction.

In the end I didn’t even finish this bottle. Due to the stinging and irritation my skin had to this formula I quickly stopped using it as I didn’t want to risk any lasting irritation.

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