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Hello and welcome to Beauty Joy Review, a beauty blog where I curate my collection to perfection. I’m Hannah, a 20-something from Australia with a love of beauty and photography (and indoor plants).

On this blog I’m either reviewing products under the Australian sun, sharing my favorite beauty and skincare tips or pondering my collection and how it has changed through the years.

If you’re interested in makeup and skincare with a side of healthy minimalism then this blog is for you!

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A bit about my skin

For reference I have very fair skin with a neutral undertone. Through my t-zone I can get very oily and lately I’ve been prone to breakouts along my jawline and chin. For right now my main skin concerns are acne, oiliness and sun protection.

In terms of makeup I usually opt for a light layer for a natural finish. I move between powder and cream products but I’m a tough judge as I’m wearing them through the Australian climate.


All opinions are my own. Please keep in mind that each product will work differently on me than on you. I can only speak from my own experience, skin tone and skin type.


All products that are given as PR samples are clearly marked with a “*” or clearly stated in the post. Any samples given by brands will be approached in the same manner as products purchased in that all reviews and opinions are truthful and unbiased.


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