A new year of empties, starting with January

Well 2020 has arrived and I can’t believe a month has already gone…

This year marks the beginning of my transition back into regular spending. I was no longer on a no-buy year or budgeting, and my Project Pan had finished so I was free to use whatever products I felt like. I was curious to see how that freedom would effect my empties, if I would swap and change products so often that I wouldn’t finish any one thing or if I would still end up with a few constants during the month.

Well it’s the last day of January now and I was kind of right when I thought my empties pile would drop down in size because this month is only a small collection to talk about. While I did end up working to finish a few products I mostly swapped and changed and so while I panned some makeup and skincare I only finished a few things completely.


Fyrinnae On Wings of Silk Loose Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow was one of the original single shadows that I bought from Fyrinnae a few years ago now. When I went onto their website I couldn’t see it being stocked so it might be discontinued now or just out of stock. Either way, it’s duo-chrome qualities can be found in many other amazing Fyrinnae shades so don’t worry about that! As for this one, the formula was great, very long lasting and wouldn’t fade throughout the day. As with any eyeshadow I wear I would use a primer and that would stop any fading or creasing. The duo-chrome properties were stunning and I would frequently be asked by strangers where they could buy the eyeshadow I was wearing! As with many loose eyeshadow formulas there would be a bit of fallout after application however this isn’t unique to this brand and it’s not a problem to me.

Would I buy again? Yes.

Surratt Beauty Oh La La Lip Lustre

This product has featured before in some favourites posts, the most recent being my 2019 favourites and so while I am happy to be using up my makeup products I will miss this lip gloss in my collection. The formula of this is quite thick which I know some people don’t like but I really do, it would give my lips a glassy effect and the subtle glitters were very pretty. The doe foot applicator was also well designed, I usually don’t take any notice of them but I remember thinking the gloss was very easy to apply. Overall I loved this gloss and I would be surprised if I buy a different shade sometime this year.

Would I buy again? Yes.

SHISEIDO Sheer And Perfect Foundation

This is the first foundation that I ever bought and it’s honestly been one of my favourites that I’ve used. I must have gotten really lucky when I chose this one because I knew nothing about makeup at the time and in the years since have tried many other foundations and still this is one of the best. It has the most natural finish, perfectly skin like, satin with a soft sheen that wore nicely throughout the day even on my oily skin. It is definitely sheer as the name describes and it transformed my skin into an even tone without making me feel cakey or too done up. For how I like my foundation this was nearly perfectly, the only problem was that it was a shade too dark, the fault of me not knowing my skin tone when I bought it.

Would I buy again? Yes!


Garnier Micellar Milky Cleansing Water

I’ve been using the Garnier Micellar water for a long time now and as they have so many varieties I usually try a new one each time and this milky cleansing water is the last bottle I finished. This formula was a lot thicker than their original formula, it made for a very gentle and creamy application that removed my makeup nicely however as it was so milky it could sometimes leave a film on my skin that would require a second pass over with a cotton pad to fully clean my skin. Overall it removed makeup nicely and would be good if you need a gentle touch however I’ll be trying a different formula next time.

Would I buy again? If my skin was feeling sensitive

Johnson’s face care makeup be gone extra-sensitive wipes

I like to have a packet of makeup wipes on hand and these were the ones I found in a local drug store and assumed would be okay. Unfortunately they were not the best makeup wipes I’ve used. They formula was very weak when removing my makeup, I definitely couldn’t trust it to remove mascara or heavy eyeshadow. The wipes also dried out very quickly once the packet had been opened even though it was resealable.

Would I buy again? No.

Skin Physics Oxygen-C Overnight Restoring Cream

I picked this up for half price when I was looking for skincare products to incorporate vitamin C into my routine rather than with a straight serum. As it’s an overnight cream it was thick and creamy, almost like a mask. Although it was a heavy moisturiser it would rub into the skin, I would even sometimes apply it in the morning if my skin was feeling particularly dry. Sometimes with heavy creams my skin will react badly however I had no issues with this. Nothing about the formula really stood out to me, it was just a nice, thick night cream that worked well with the other products in my routine.

Would I buy again? No.

Seagull Milk Non-slip Sunscreen (SPF50+)

I was very excited to try this sunscreen when I learnt about it’s formula. I’ve been looking for a good, natural sunscreen for a long time now and I thought I had found the one with this. Unfortunately, while there are many great elements in this formula there were also a couple of issues that ultimately meant that I’ll keep looking for my holy grail SPF. The colour of this sunscreen is a greyish white which blended out to nothing on my skin so that wasn’t an issue. The finish was perfect, matte and non-greasy which is exactly what my oily skin needs during the Summer months so I was so disappointing when I found that after a month of use the formula started to pill. I had noticed before then some occasional pilling usually when I applied too many skincare products before this sunscreen but by the end of the tube it was pilling quite badly every time I applied it. I think the formula dried out quickly and that is what caused the pilling. Had it not been for that one issue then this would be my ideal sunscreen, the fact that it set down matte was a dream for me so I was very sad when the rest of the formula didn’t maintain it’s high quality.

Would I buy again? Maybe.

That is the end of my January empties for the start of 2020! Overall I was happy with the few products I was able to finish, especially some of the makeup items as I’m looking to reduce my overall beauty collection this year.

I hope you all had a good start to this year and if you have any thoughts on this post please leave a comment below!

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