5 Easy Tips that Changed My Skin For the Better

This is a collection of general skincare tips that I wish someone would have told me when I was sixteen. They would have saved me a lot of awful breakouts through high school! So I’ve summed them up into five easy points below for your reading pleasure!

 1. Don’t touch your face. Ever.

Okay that sounds a little extreme but seriously, try to touch your face as little as possible throughout the day. I used to always sit and prop my face up with my hand, and what do you know, I always had severe breakouts on the cheek that was resting on my palm. Your hands touch so many things throughout the day, picking up germs and bacteria and if you then press them onto your face you’re directly transferring that bacteria over to your skin. The less you touch your face the better.

2. Wash your hands before touching your face

Coming off that first point, obviously there are going to be certain times when you have to touch your face so, whether you’re applying makeup or skincare, always make sure you wash your hands directly before that. That way it’s only clean skin touching clean skin without any germs or bacteria in the mix. It sounds simple but I know that I never used to do this and thinking back on that makes me cringe.

3. Don’t use too many alcohol heavy products

Alcohol was never an ingredient that I though was in skincare. It wasn’t until I started researching about oily skincare products that I found out it’s actually quite commonly used in that area. What I then discovered was how bad alcohol is for your skin. To quickly explain this, alcohol breaks down your skin barriers which does let other good skincare ingredients straight into your skin but not in a good way. From the minute alcohol touches your skin it’s doing damage, with regular exposure to alcohol-based products, your skin is no longer able to keep water and cleansing agents from penetrating into it, thus further eroding the skin’s barrier. It will also lead to your skin aging more quickly so it’s really best to avoid it in your skincare if at all possible.

 4. Use a chemical exfoliator

I know that you’re thinking, after just saying stay away from alcohol you’re now saying to use a chemical exfoliator? Yes, I am. That’s because the ingredients in a chemical exfoliator are actually good for your skin, despite the scary name. Proper exfoliation of your dead skin cells allows your other skincare products to sink in a whole lot better. Chemical exfoliants remove dead skin cells with the use of chemicals to aid in cell turnover. There are a bunch of different types from AHAs and BHAs to fruit enzymes like papain and bromelain so do some research and find a suitable one for you and start seeing results from including them in your routine.

5. Use skincare products that are suited for your skin type

Again, this sounds simple however I never thought that there were different skin types when I was younger. I just assumed everyone had super oily skin that broke out often and if your skin looked different then you must have been wearing makeup. Turns out that was stupid thinking and, duh, people can have drastically different skin issues and needs. Smart skincare companies create products that are suited to various different skin types so it’s worth checking to see if your skincare products are actually suited to your skin. I know a lot of mine were giving me a dewy effect when I already looked like an oil slick.

Those were my 5 easy tips that, since learning them, have changed my skin for the better! Now that I know them they seem so simple however at the time they really did improve my skin. I hope you found at least a couple that were helpful.

If you have any good skincare tips of your own I’d love to hear them so please leave a comment below!

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