3 Pairs of Fun, Bright and Inexpensive Earrings That I’ve Been Loving Lately

I’ve always enjoyed earrings more than any other piece of jewellery however after shaving my hair off my love for them has been given room to expand.

By that I mean that I now have a lot of extra space for my earrings to shine and so I’ve been having loads of fun with them for the last six months.

My latest love has been plastic earrings because the material is versatile, inexpensive and the bright colours that I can find are fantastic.

So in honour of my latest love I wanted to share with you three pairs of earrings that I’ve been wearing the hell out of lately.

p.s. Yes the last pair are packets of noodles! I was so excited when I found them, they’re my favourite spicy noodle to eat and I get a lot of laughs and compliments when I wear them.

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