16Brand Mask Packs

While I do love to indulge in a face mask every now and then I don’t like to spend too much on what is a single use skincare product. 16Brand skincare masks are the perfect product for such occasions as they provide me with the instant hydration I’m looking for at a more affordable price.

These mask packs for example cost me $2 each which is actually a really handy amount when I am looking for a product to give me that little extra to get the free shipping!

Like other masks I’ve used before the 16Brand masks are soaked in their hydrating serums in their packets and apply nice and dewy to the face.

I’ll usually put one on and do some housework for 15 or so minutes and by the time I take the mask off it’s starting to dry out. Even after wearing these masks for 20-30 minutes I’ll peel them off and there will still be plenty of serum on my face that I gently pat into my now soft and hydrated skin.

For how much these cost I quite like them, I’ve never had any reaction or irritation caused from these masks. They provide a lovely cooling sensation and my skin is always dewy and hydrated afterwards.

Also they seem to fit really well on my face. I have used some masks that were just a touch too small and couldn’t quite sit right but these ones are just perfect for me! Bonus!

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