The Body Shop Tea Tree Targeted Gel Review

I remember, years ago, trying this blemish gel and not being impressed, so when I received a voucher for The Body Shop recently I tacked one of these onto the transaction and decided to give it another go.

What I will say against this gel is that it’s a small tube and so it only lasted me around a month before it ran out so I wasn’t impressed with that.

What I was impressed with was how well this did work. Compared to my old memories, this gel performed much better this second time around. It’s no miracle cream that erases blemishes overnight however after a few days of applying this gel morning and night to targeted blemish areas I saw noticeable reduction in the size and redness of the blemish and a much faster healing time overall.

It’s not often with blemish control products that I can visibly tell a difference to my skin and could easily see how this gel quickened the healing process for my blemishes so I was very impressed with the performance of this little tube.

I also own the Tea Tree Essence from The Body Shop and I think between the two I prefer this targeted gel even though it doesn’t last as long.

Overall this was a good option for an acne targeting gel however for its price and the fact it only lasted me a month I would like to find an alternative to this that lasts me longer.

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