The Body Shop Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream

At the beginning of the year I decided to give The Body Shop skincare line a thorough testing and bought a haul of skincare to try. This Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream is the first moisturiser that I have finished.

When I received my package and began sorting through the various products that I had bought I was surprised at how large this jar was.

Compared to the other creams that I had bought this Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream contains 80ml of product whereas most of the others are 50ml. I don’t know why this is but was happy to have the extra product!

The main points I noticed about the formula was that it was very lightweight for a sleeping cream. Most sleeping creams will be heavier for night time however this was a mix of a cream and a gel that was light enough for me to apply both morning and night.

Another point with the formula was the strong scent. Like any product I’ve tried from The Body Shop there was a heavy fragrance attached with the cream however once applied I couldn’t smell anything from it. Was this did eventually cause was irritation upon application for my face.

I don’t normally have sensitive skin however as I have been using multiple skincare products from The Body Shop the combination of fragrance in the products caused my skin to tingle and almost sting after a few months of continued use. I then began to break up the skincare products from The Body Shop that I was using and my skin doesn’t react when I apply only 1 or 2 of their products at at time.

As for the hydration of this cream it was perfect during Summer months for my oily skin. As its texture was more like a gel than a heavy cream, it was lightweight without feeling or looking greasy on me. It would sink in nicely and leave my skin looking and feeling plump and hydrated.

However when the cooler Autumn months began I did start to feel as though my skin wanted a little more hydration than what this cream could provide and so I started applying another moisturiser along with this one and that felt better for those drier months.

Overall, this cream carried me through three months of continual use which I was pleased with. It’s a large jar and a little went a long way so I was impressed with the usage I got from it.

It was also a nice cream for my oily skin, it was lightweight and almost like a gel in texture so it didn’t look greasy or clog up my pores.

Unfortunately, due to the strong fragrance in this Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream my skin did eventually become irritated which means that I won’t be buying this again. This is especially frustrating when fragrance has no purpose in skincare other than to add a pleasing smell.

I’ve also reviewed the gel cream version of this sleeping cream here.

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