Project Pan October Update

As you might already know I am currently undertaking my first real project pan. I’ve done a couple of mini project pans in the past but none that I have documented throughout their course or any that were near this scale.

This project pan began at the start of August with 12 products from my collection including makeup, skincare, haircare and perfume. Alongside this project pan I am also currently partaking in a no-buy for 2019; I have not bought any new makeup or skincare for 9 months and it has been an eye opening experience in and of itself. They both centre around similar ideas of using what you own and thinking more consciously about how much you buy compared to what you actually need.

Eventually, after doing the no-buy for many months, I also decided to properly commit to a full project pan to start dedicatedly using up some of my large cosmetic collection.

In the 2 months since beginning my project pan I have experienced considerable success and so will most likely continue to pan my collection even after the end of my no-buy year as a way to “shop my stash” and relearn to love what I already own.

From the start of this project pan in August to, currently, the first of October I have finished 6 of the original 12 products and have since then added another 3 products to the project. I decided to add the extra products after the success I was feeling from finishing half of my original project pan. Since it was progressing well for me I wanted to keep the good work going and will continue to add in new products once I have finished others.

Of the original project pan group, the products that I have finished are the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, Flora Remedia Aromatherapy Roll On, Oxx gloss, Fyrinnae Highlighter, Makeup Revolution Concealer and the Pureology Hair Spray. And if you want to know my thoughts on any of those products they’re either in my August or September Empties posts.

Of the products that remain in my project pan I’ll insert some progress photos below and hopefully in next months check in you’ll either be able to see significant changes or actual empty products!

One of the main reason I’ve been enjoying this project panning experience is because it’s forcing me to use the products that I know I wouldn’t have finished any other time. For example the Fyrinnae Highlighter was such a weak formula that I was rarely touching it, however to use it up in the project pan I had to get a little creative and in the end I blended the highlighter together with my loose setting powder and used it up as a this hybrid, glowing setting powder.

So because this project pan is forcing me to finally use up those products that I’d been pushing to the side for so long, its really impressing on me the amount of time it takes and the amount of product in every piece of makeup and skincare that I buy. I’m so focused on finishing off what’s in my project pan that any new makeup releases just make me think about how long it would take for me to finish them and actually get my moneys worth.

I’ve actually got a small selection of my current project pan that I make myself use every single day and I find that setting myself constraining goals such as that really helps to create a routine for using these products up.

My everyday project pan products

So to sum up my project pan so far, I’m two months in with three months left and I’ve already finished half of my original group of products.

Because it’s been going so well, I’ve decided to continue adding new products once I have finished old ones and so I’ll continue to post updates about how the project pan is changing each month. My main goal is to have finished that initial group of 12 products by the end of the year and anything else on top of that is a bonus!

I’ll show you an updated group of my project pan items as of the beginning of October with the few extra products I’ve added along the way.

I’ll also show you below some close up shots of the lip balm, healing powder and perfume I’ve added so you’ll be able to see my progress in my next update too.

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