Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette

I think everyone in the world must lust after the makeup releases from Pat McGrath Labs.

I myself had been admiring her beautiful eyeshadow palettes for a long time before I finally took the plunge and purchased this MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette in one of her site wide sales.

I don’t often talk about product packaging in my reviews however with the effort and intention that Pat McGrath Labs create their packaging I couldn’t not mention it today.

This palette came in a thick and solid cardboard case that wrapped around the palette almost like a book cover. The artwork on the outside is stunning and obviously causes the palette to completely stand out in my collection. No other makeup product I own looks anywhere near as lovely and inspiring as this Platinum Bronze Palette.

Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette Packaging

As for the actual eyeshadows, firstly, I love the colour story of this palette. It’s coherent enough that everything works together however it also has enough variety to create a range of looks for different occasions.

I also love the depth of colour. This palette has the range of shades from a highlighter to a deepening, smoky shade. It’s a complete palette. I don’t have to reach for another shadow when I’m wanting to make a look from this.

Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette Swatches

As for how the shadows perform, they all swatch beautifully as you can see above. However, I did find that they seemed to be tightly pressed into their pans. I had to be a little rough for the first few uses the palette to loosen up the top layer of the shadows enough to pick up a decent amount of pigment.

I find that, like most eyeshadows, the matte shade is pigmented and blends out nicely with a brush however to get the most out of the shimmers/metallics I prefer to use a finger for application. Once applied I can easily blend the edges with a brush however using a fingertip improves the pigmentation.

As for how the shades wear, they seem to be about average with my other shadows. Over a primer they will last well throughout the day, having faded a little after 8 hours. Sometimes, depending on the day and how oily my skin is, I can experience a bit of creasing however I think that has more to do with my skin type than the eyeshadow formula.

I’ll insert a couple of looks I created with this palette below. I did find that a few of the shades swatch and apply darker than what they look in the pan so I’d go off the swatches of the palette rather than the pictures of the pans.

Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Looks

Overall I do really enjoy this MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette. Its shades are pigmented and I like the range of looks I can create with it. As for the price of the palette, that’s up to the individual to decide if it’s worth the cost. I will say that while these shadows are lovely, I also own other palettes of comparable formula that cost a lot less.

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