Mid Year Declutter

I started this 2020 year with a set of goals aiming to use up a lot of my makeup collection. For the entirety of 2019 I was in a no-buy of any new makeup and skincare to reset my mindset towards spending. That year was a success and for 2020 the next step in that journey was to curate my collection through phasing out products that didn’t bring me joy.

I wanted to phase out the makeup that I didn’t love through the natural means of using them up. I didn’t want to simply throw out half of my collection as that’s a large waste of both money and products. Because of that I have tried to limit myself with these declutters. I did one at the beginning of the year and now I’ve reached the middle of the year I’m ready for the next makeup declutter.

This time around I have a larger group of products to declutter however a big percentage of them I’m decluttering due to the formula going off, making me uncomfortable to continue using them.

I’ve been fairly happy with my progress this year in curating my makeup collection, I’ll be posting an updated makeup inventory in the coming week to compare my entire collection from the beginning of this year to now.

As for now, I’ll go through the products that I’m decluttering and any thoughts I have on them.

DB Cosmetics Vivid Glow Illuminator Palette – Over The Rainbow

In terms of colourful highlighters I feel like the shades in this palette were all very wearable. Unfortunately the formula wasn’t. The only shade I liked was the purple one as it was very smooth and would apply well over other makeup products. Both the gold and peach shades were chunky and crumbly and would apply patchy and break up makeup underneath them. I don’t know how this happened but had all three shades been as good as the purple then this would probably be a holy grail makeup product for me. In the end the decision to use this up was mostly taken away from me as I dropped this palette and shattered the shades. I was able to finish the last of the purple highlighter but I’m ready to declutter the remaining bits.

I have a full review here.

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Cream Contour Palette

I’ve been wanting to wear cream contour shades for ages now and finally I got around to testing out this palette and unfortunately discovered that the lighter concealing formulas were all terrible. They were oily and patchy and broke apart terribly on my skin. I think I left this palette for too long and some of the shades had gone off yet some of the contour shades were fine. So I have depotted the four contour shades that still work and will be decluttering the remainder of this palette.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Dirty Money Liquid Lipstick

I’ve owned this for years and kept trying to convince myself to wear it however I just never do. It looks good as long as I don’t smile as it causes me teeth to look yellow unfortunately. I also don’t reach for matte lipsticks too often so I really don’t ever wear this.

I have a full review here.

Fyrinnae Finishing Powder: Bollywood Sorcery

I also tried for ages to make this work for me. It’s too dark to use as a finishing powder for my skin, despite it supposedly working on all skin tones. I thought I could use it up as a bronzer however I then have to layer it a lot to achieve that effect and it can cake up on my skin.

I have a full review here.

Crown Sunkissed Bronzer

This is labelled as matte on the lid however this “bronzer” is so shimmery that it really only wears as a highlighter. As a highlighter it’s too dark for my skin tone and it also cakes up on my skin and looks very patchy. I’ve owned this for years and I can tell the formula has degraded.

VVHUDA Nude Creamy Mini Eyeshadow palette

I actually really like the colour story and pigmentation from this however I did buy it from AliExpress and I’ve since decided I’m uncomfortable buying makeup products from sources that I can’t know how well they control their quality. It’s just not worth the chances of using dirty makeup.

Models Prefer K-Beauty Lip Stain Pen

I normally like stains however this one applies patchy and will settle into any creases or texture on my lips. It also wears away unevenly which only enhanced the patchy effect.

Eye/lip Liner Pencils

These are another group of products that I bought from AliExpress and I don’t want to apply them into my waterline and against my eyes if there’s the chance of unsafe ingredients.

BH Cosmetics Blonde Brow Gel

I bought this brow gel hoping it would give me the effect of bleached brows which I really like on other people. Unfortunately it doesn’t give me that effect and so I never reach for this as it just makes my brows look greyed.

I have a full review here.

Loose Silver Glitter

I actually really like this glitter however I have other glitters in paste form that I would reach for before I ever looked at this. It’s just too much of a hassle for me to apply loose glitter now that I have other options. I actually think I’ll use this in my candle making instead for some glitter decoration!

Glitter Eye gloss

This is not one of my glitter pastes that works. While this is very pretty it also never sets down and it very sticky so it’s a nightmare on my hooded eyes. It doesn’t even look grungy, just messy.

Mirenesse Stick Up & Glow Cream Highlighter

This isn’t in the photo above as this was half of a cream stick product. I really didn’t like the formula of this highlighter, it was tacky and patchy and ruined any makeup I had on underneath it or tried to apply over it. In the end I shaved off the highlighter half of this cream blush and highlighter duo and have repotted the blush into an empty pan to finish it separately.

BH Cosmetics Cream Cheek and Lip Tint Peaches ‘n Cream

I love to use cream blushes however this has since developed a film over the top that gets caught in the rest of the blush. It has also begun to smell rather chemically lately so I think it’s past its use by date.

Sephora Duo Eyeshadow 01 Double Or Nothing

This is only a very recent purchase and it’s so bad that it’s going in this declutter to be thrown out. I can’t get any pigmentation from these shades, no matter how much pressure I apply or what eyeshadow base I use. Any pigment I do find is patchy and wont last longer than an hour on my lids.

I have a full review here.

UVNatural Sport Lip Sunscreen

This is another recent purchase that I’m already decluttering. I don’t know if this balm had been sitting on the shelf for a while before I bought it because I can’t imagine anyone selling a formula this bad. The balm has an awful white cast due to its SPF elements however mainly it has small, white beads in the balm that scrape off and are left on my lips. It’s uncomfortable to apply and impossible to wear. I think due to its smell and taste that this has passed its use by date.

I have a full review here.

Having photographed and now written this mid year declutter I can see how much larger it was that the declutter I did at the beginning of the year.

As I said above, this declutter has a lot of products that I feel have gone off however there are also a lot of products that I’ve just accepted that I never use and don’t like.

I am careful now to not get sucked into any trends or sales in which I purchase products that I know I wont like however try to force myself to wear to get “the look” that I’ve seen on someone else.

I can happily say that nearly all of the new products I’ve bought this year I have loved and look forward to using up. As I continue to do with my entire collection.

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