Mecca Cosmetica Original Lip De-luscious

I actually won this product in an Instagram competition. I was pretty happy when I saw that it was included in the prize because you shouldn’t be able to go too wrong with a lip balm. And although this has ended up being a bit of a disappointment, it’s still a product that I’ll keep using until I’ve finished it.

I’d never bought anything from the Mecca Cosmetica brand before but I seemed to have thought that they were an affordable brand as opposed to some of the expensive names they stock. However when I looked this product up online I was surprised to find it being sold for AUD$28.00. Personally that’s not what I would consider affordable for a pot of lip balm (lip conditioning classic as Mecca wrote it). I’ve been wearing this for a few months now and have decided that it’s kind of just okay. Nothing amazing and certainly not something I’d spend $28.00 on so I won’t be repurchasing this. I’ve attached some photos of how it wears below in case this does sounds like something you’re interesting in buying for yourself.

The Review

Considering this pot of lip balm costs AUD$28.00 I wouldn’t recommend this. There’s nothing particularly bad about it but there was also nothing that particularly impressed me. There is a scent initially however that does fade and it doesn’t leave a taste which I appreciate however the formula is no different than many cheaper lip balms I’ve tried before. I’d be reapplying this hourly as it can wear off easily, the formula’s not thick so it doesn’t last that well. Also being in a small jar means that I can’t chuck this in my pocket for the day, I could throw it in my handbag but it’s just more difficult than a stick balm or gloss. When I’m at home and this sits on my desk then it’s fine but otherwise I don’t take it anywhere with me. So because nothing really impressed me and it’s not particularly cheap I wouldn’t recommend this. I’d say look for a lip balm that costs less than this and it should still perform about the same.

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